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May. 10th, 2005

01:01 pm - Haha I quit

So... this coming Sunday will be my last day at TShirt Alley hopefully. I'm going to stay on board and help her maybe on the weekends for a few hours a day but nothing too long cause of swimming and all. But... anyways I'm so bleh. I'm at my day job now. Jason got home last night. I seen him for about oh say, three hours. Anyways whatev. Maybe I'll see him some tonight as well. I dunno. I'm so stressed out right now. I dont really know why, but I have an idea. I totally fucked up this semester in college. I got 2 A's and 2 F's. Yeah, my GPA went from 3.2 to 2.182. Damn, now thats some shit. It sucks. And I dunno, I really just want to find some quiet serentiy and relax for a day. Or two or three. I partly give this stress and blame it on my second job. I got used to only having to work one job and now I'm pulling sometimes 18hr days, which I'm completely not used to. Yeah, thats safe to say that its mostly stress due to my other job. Bleh. I liked that job too. Momta and James and Prim were so awesome (*are) and it really sucks because I know I pissed them off having to quit like this but, I cant do it. Mentally I've got it under control, but I'm fighting a cold again and I know that physically I cant handle those kinds of hours. I told Momta that I was resigning and she got all pissed because she attributed it to my boyfriend and "partying." Actually honestly, Okay yeah I party, but normally its just chillen at someones house haning out w/ the guys. I only go out clubbin once a week. Sometimes two, but normally once. So anyways whatever. I cant work a second job and I have numerious GREAT reasons why i cant hold a second job this summer so whatever, if she doesnt believe me I'm not going to try and force her to believe me. Anyways I'm so bleh. I want to go home or to the beach or something but I'm stuck here at work for about oh say another three hours :( Damn. Well I'm outti.


May. 6th, 2005

04:12 pm - Just about to go home for the weekend

Well its been a pretty NON productful week here at CHOICE for me. Again I sat around and Did nothing. Except for today. I got a new desk, so I had to rearrange everything and get all that crazy stuff together. Lol. Umm... lets see. Tonight Matt, Lindsay, Stephen and I are going to see HOUSE OF WAX. I hope its scary. I hope its atleast good. I heard paris Hilton dies in Red Lingerie so... that in itself will make the movie good. (Shannon and I were talking about this earlier) Lol. Umm... whatelse. Well, my boyfriend comes home in a couple of days. Sunday night I believe! God, I am going to be so happy to see him! Ten days went by kind of slow, but at the same time its went by kinda fast! Thats always a plus! Monday I take my last final (*BIOLOGY) and I'm done! SCore one for Keri. Haha. I'm stoked about tonight. I really love going and spending time with my friends. I used to hate going to the movies but now I'm kinda like "Yeah, movies are okay." LIke I used to be so A.D.D When it came to them but now I can actually go and sit thru one. Maybe its cause I take it was part of relaxation time. I dunno. Well anyways. I'm pissed cause I have to drive all the way to the ocean front and see if the store I work at is open or not cause everytime I call the number, I get the weirdest noise, and I really hope I dont have to work tonight cause I really want to go home, take a bath and relax till this evening. Haha, I just got a hold of James... I'm off!!! Score number two for Keri!!! Hellz yeah son! Yay!!! Hehe... I'm such a loser!!! Well everyone! I'm outti!!!

Gotta run!


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Apr. 25th, 2005

10:35 am - You make me wanna "La La!"

Haha, so... this past weekend was aiight. I just hung out w/ the boys and all. LIke... okay, Thursday night everyone went to Peabodys. It was fun. After Peabodys we all went to Jasons house. Then, jason went upstairs cause he was going to puke, and fell asleep. So... Jon Mark and I went to IHOP at like 4am, and then went to Nancy's Nook at like 6am. (*Nancy's Nook is an all night store in case your wondering lol.) SO... I stayed up for like 46 hours w/ no sleep, and friday night I finally crashed. I fell asleep at like 11. Jason called me Friday night and was like "You need to come over and party, we're all here." I was like "NO." and hung up lol. Saturday was so slow! Like, the day just went by so slow. Saturday night I got to work, and then boom... a lightening storm came up, and Monta let us all get off early. :-D THanks, good lookin out! SO... I went and hung out w/ my boy Dustin for a while. It was so cool. It was great meeting him :-D haha. So anyways... then I went home, changed into my PJ's and went to Peabodys. I was there for an hour by myself before Sam and Katie got there. Then, I met them at the door, and BOOM!!! Guess who I should run into? Jason. (*Shannon, remember the night we went out and thats how I met Jason, like... how i ran into him...) Well... thats how it happened yet again on Saturday night. Walked thru the door w/ Katie and Sam, and boom, ran right into JasoN!!! SO... I mean, it was fun. After peabodys we all went back to Jasons house again. He cooked Spagetti at like 3am. Talk about weird. Well, Mark and the other dude left... Jamie and Adam went to bed, and jason and I were watching tv. Then Jon comes over and is all pissed cause he went to COles and thought everyone was going to Coles house. ANyways... so Jason and I ended up having "fun" at like 4am. It was great tho. He started it, and I was like "no..." (Playing hard to get..) and I was like "if you want it, you have to work for it." so... he did, and it was good. Haha. He's a nice guy. I dunno, sometimes I wonder if things happen for a reason, and me meeting Jason happened for a reason? it weird... but I'm outti. At work. Gotta run.


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Apr. 19th, 2005

12:07 pm - Such a nice gesture

SO anyways... Its always nice when your boyfriend calls you from work to say HI!!! hehe, actually he was bored at work so he called me :) Either way it was nice :) haha. I'm kinda happy I have to work tonight at the beach cause its so freakin nice outside!!! you have no clue! Okay I'm sure you do but wahtever. Well I'm outti


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Apr. 18th, 2005

12:45 pm - hey guess what???


Apr. 8th, 2005

01:01 pm - And yet another update...

... so its Friday, April 8th and it's 1:01pm. I get off work at 4:30, only to be seized by the fact and memory that its raining, and I have to be back at work by six. Well the rain wont go away, nor will it reside so I cant bitch about that. Its as simple as this: I cant control the fuckin weather so I'm not going to bitch about it. I can bitch about this though. I have to work tonight at the beach, which in turn means I have to park at some meter and walk to work IN THE RAIN! I have to go home and find an umbrella cause I really dont wanna get wet. Understandable eh? Anyways... so, last night I didnt do much. Okay, so I did. Matt got his new car. I am so happy for him. Its a really pretty shade of blue (*like midnight blue with metallics in it) and its a Chevy Cobalt. Its a five speed, two door, with a spoiler. Overall, its a really really great car. He likes it, and he looks good driving it :) Ladies, Matt is also very good looking and single so if you're interested, hit me up. Last night after Matt dropped me back off (*around 8:15ish) I went home and did laundry, then went to the grocery store to buy groceries. See I figured that I eat out way too often and I'm trying to save money, so... I'm simply going to start bringing lunch to work and spending 30.00 on healthier foods at the grocery store vs. 30.00 on fast food. It makes sense right? Anyways to start my healthier eating trend off right, today on my lunch break I went home and ate a toasted ham and cheese w/ lettuce on reg. white break, and a small portion on rice pudding. It was yummy. Tonight I dunno what I'm going to eat only cause I have to work and again: I dont want to spend money on fast food. SO.. here's my thing. With the exeption of a taco bell run either late tonight or tomorrow night (*depending on my drinking status) I'm not going to eat any fast food again till Wednesday. I mean wednesday is the earliest I'll allow myself to eat fast food. Next friday I turn 19! Go me!!! Haha. I'm going to busch gardens on Saturday the 16th. It's going to be fun. Deja is coming home to VA to go w/ us! And see her lovely boyfriend! I'm super stoked! Well i'm outti! I really dont have much to do except about ten minutes of filing and maybe do the trash at the office :) Well I'm outti!!!


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Apr. 7th, 2005

01:57 pm - Pizza breath and coke...

...yum. Haha. Anyways... so there's not a whole lot going on. I'm really excited about starting my other job tomorrow night. I really need the money. I'm bout to buy a truck and all so... yeah! Anyways... I'm so bleh today. I'm hyper but I'm really just anxious. Next week some amazing stuff is going to be going on! Deja is coming home, I'm getting my license!!! We're going to busch gardens. If you want to go to Busch Gardens next saturday anyone is welcome to go!!! Well anyways, i'm really anxious. I am starting a new job, getting my license, and totally loving it! Haha, I'm outti. If you wanna go to busch gardens tho, ANYONE (*and I mean anyone, even you guys in high school still) is welcome to come!!!


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Apr. 5th, 2005

02:07 pm - At work bored

SO anyways... I'm at work, completely bored. Haha. Damn. The Yankee's are winning by 3! Ohyeah, its only the top of the 4th quarter tho! Anyways... so I got the job. I'll prolly end up closing most of the time on weeekends and all. Monta, the boss, she seems really cool. The greatest thing about this job I think is that we can wear whatever we want, as long as its not a bathing suit top!!! So... I'm in the clear there! Lol. I work from 3-close on Saturday, and from 4-close on Sunday!!! So... anyways. I'm stoked. I'm happy to actually have a beach job! That means I got free parking, I can leave work and go right to Peabodys and i'm down there with all the hotties! Oh yeah baby! haha. Anyways... the only bad thing about having to work this job is that I'm going to forfeit alot of "me" time now. I wont be able to see Jason and the guys as much untill I get off of work, which will be midnight. So... thats not so bad. This is my first job where I'll be "closing" or having to work nights. I really hope that we stay busy starting in May or June!!! Well i'm outti.


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Apr. 4th, 2005

01:19 pm - Well as many people already know

I no longer use this damn livejournal thing. I'm on myspace now! But whatever... Its been about four months since I've updated this so I'll do it. Nothing better to do ya know?

The last time I updated you were reading the end of the year letter. It basically summarized everything that happened to me in 2004. Wowzers haha. Oh well, here's another update for this last four months.

In January that asshole guy that I was dating, Brian, and I broke up. It was for the better. Now he's dating Niki. If she's smart, she'd break up with him now and realize that he's just going to use her. But whatever, thats not my place to say anything. Gotta let them make there own mistakes.

In February I met this dude Jason. He's freakin cool. Actually I met him towards the end of February so... yeah> ANyways so him and I are dating now. He's great! We're not rushing things tho! Umm... whatelse? I got really sick in February. I came down with pneumonia for the first time in like ten years. That was kinda funny. But, yeah anyways...

March>>> I did nothing. Just sat around and hung out with friends. Actually the month of march flew by! It really did! Looking back on it! I met Matt's parents. They are great people! I love them like they're my family haha!

April: I get my license in exactly 11 days. I got another job interview tonight at this place at the beach! I hope i get the job cause I need the money! haha ;) Good stuff. I want to buy a car this summer!!! Umm... I'll be working full time for CHOICE making 8.00 an hour, then my part time job so that'll be cooL! I wont have a lot of weekends off tho the boss told me that much. I said cool. So... as long as I'm not working all days on the weekends, or all nights ya know, as long as she switches it up some I'm good :) Haha. Well Im outti. There was my update! I'll try and update some weekley for all you livejournal people's!!! later


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Dec. 22nd, 2004

09:24 am - I'll never regret these years...

Haha, so I think I' m just going to close out 2004 today! I mean, do my close out letter. (*I probably will still update but, this is just looking back at everything that happened this year.)


Wow, what a remarkable year, in so many ways. Somehow this year, I learned a lot, and did a lot of un imaginable things, and somehow, its all okay. I'm still alive (*and I didn't even get a scratch!) lol.

January ~ thank you January for bringing in 2004. What a year, whatta year. lol. Nothing too special happened in January, that I can think of.

February ~ Haha, February. I started dating a certain someone in February. (*Feb. 15 to be exact) haha. February nothing really special happened other than that. I just caught up in a relationship. Whooptie dooo... lol.

March ~ Sean and I "reformed" our friendship. We put everything behind us, and decided we were it for each other, and built a friendship on trust and love, vs. parties and sex. He's my best friend of all time. No questions asked.

April ~ I TURNED 18!!! I also went to Florida (*disney world w/ my high schools marching band!) We got to march in the disney parade. That was by far the coolest thing I've done. I hung out w/ one of my bestest friends of senior year the WHOLE time we were down there (*cough cough Kyle). Another thing that happened in April was that I got to see my favorite band play at the NorVA!!! Haha. YELLOWCARD!!! (*and for all you sellouts out there (*and I dont mean you guys, my friends) I was a yellowcard fan before "Ocean Ave." came out!!!) That concert rocked. Seeing Yellowcard live is a HIGHLY suggested recommendation from me!

May ~ Prom!!! Haha, nothing special happened in May except for Prom! Everyone looked so beautiful dressed up and G'd up. Man, what good times. Jamie and I went to eat at Fredricko's with Ryan and Jordan and their dates. Ryans date was a bitch. Jordans date was short, but cute lol. Anyways, the night was super fun. After prom, Jamie and I went back to my house and chilled. We fell asleep on my couch lol. It was kinda funny!!!

June ~ GRADUATION!!! I graduated high school with a 2.62gpa. I was the only one of my friends to graduate without the honors status. That kinda sucked but... oh well. *Note: It rained its ass off the night of graduation. On the plus side, I racked up over 1000.00 for my august tuition!!! Lol. That was sweet!

July ~ BAM!!! BAM BAM!!! haha, I'm a dork. But, on the real: July sucked. Jamie and I broke up. He just broke up w/ for no apparant reason. Its all good. No use in actually thinking it was true love. But, he was a first for me. Anyways, July basically sucked. Wait, Warped Tour was in July!!! That rocked, but it poured down rain on that day too!!! Also, about the middle of July I met Steven. We went clubbin and stuff together. That was the first real club I had been too!

August ~ I started my job here at CHOICE. This is my first job where I actually make 8.00 an hour! I started college at TCC! That was very cool. The end of August I met Brian (*my current boyfriend.)

September ~ Nothing happened in September. Except for one very very very random phone call, and I planned a camping trip. (*I'll get to that!) Jamie randomly called me one night at like ten pm and was like "Yeah, wanna chill?" I was sick, but said yes, and he came over at like 11p. THat was so weird but... hey, its all good!!!

October ~ Midterms Midterms Midterms, and a camping trip! That was hysterical, and fun, and cold! Jamie puked all over everything Friday night... I got so drunk Saturday night that I fell like four times and hit my head on a picnic table, and niki and Homer cuddled up for the night. Me n Brian, we made our relationship official, and steven and Jamie were fucked. Haha. I like that wording.

November ~ Brian had to go away for 30 days. That sucked. I cried. He came home December 3rd. Yay! Anyways, November... Thankgiving!! I partied the whole weekend, literally! Haha. Stayed out all night that Thurs. night.

December ~ This month nothing too special has happened. I think come January I'm going to change a couple of things, and make some new rules but... other than that, I'm going to live my life despite how and what people feel and say about me. Its my life. Next year, I"m going to Travel! I get my license in April, and I'm going to be going many many places. I'm getting my own car in March, (*even tho I just bought a new 2004 Kia Spectra). But thats it.

This is


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